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A macrocyclic lactone (ML) and a benzimidazole (BZ). This means that the capsule delivers two different drench actives that work in different ways to kill parasites. Each capsule contains 185 mg of abamectin (ML) and 4.62 g of albendazole (BZ). Each capsule also contains the trace minerals selenium (24 mg) and cobalt (118 mg).


Treatment and Control

Treats established infections and prevents new infections of internal parasites sensitive to either or both of the ML and BZ drug families for 100 days. Newly ingested infective larval stages of dual resistant parasite strains (benzimidazole + macrocyclic lactone) can remain sensitive to and controlled by BIONIC PLUS while the dual resistant adult stages may not be removed. Where such resistant strains exist
an effective “clean-out drench” from a different action family can be used at the time of BIONIC PLUS application (concurrent treatment)
to remove the resistant adult stage. Any such concurrent treatment should only be done in consultation with a veterinarian.

BIONIC PLUS is effective against sensitive strains or sensitive stages of the following internal parasites: Haemonchus contortus*, Teladorsagia [Ostertagia] circumcincta*, T. trifurcata*, Trichostrongylus axei*, T. colubriformis*, T. vitrinus*, Cooperia curticei, C. oncophora, Nematodirus spathiger*, N. filicollis*, Chabertia ovina, Oesophagostomum spp., O. venulosum, Trichuris spp., Strongyloides papillosus.
*Includes inhibited L4 larvae.

  • For the treatment and 100 days protection against sensitive strains or sensitive stages of internal parasites
  • Treats established and newly ingested internal parasites that are sensitive to either avermectin or benzimidazole families or both
  • For the reduction in populations of infective parasite larvae on pasture
  • For the promotion of growth and productivity through the control of internal parasites
  • Aids in the control of dags and associated flystrike caused by internal parasites that can lead to flystrike
  • Aids in the reduction of internal parasites in lambs prior to weaning
  • For the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiency in sheep for 250 days, cobalt (vitamin B12) deficiency in sheep for 100 days and for the elevation of milk vitamin B12 levels in lactating ewes
  • For treatment of ewes pre lambing to protect suckling lambs from selenium deficiency until weaning


Recommended Use

Dose one capsule to sheep of 40 to 80 kg liveweight and two capsules to sheep over 80 kg.

Pregnant ewes – administer the capsule(s) 2-6 weeks prior to lambing. Do not use at the same time as any other selenised fertiliser prill or product and do not exceed the stated dose or frequency without consulting a veterinarian. Do not re-treat within 270 days.

It is recommended that BIONIC PLUS is targeted towards twin-bearing low body condition score ewes. By leaving some of the flock untreated sensitive strains of the parasites will be maintained on the paddock. Concurrent drench treatment with BIONIC PLUS capsules should be done in consultation with your local veterinarian to monitor the response to treatment and the ongoing anthelmintic resistance status of the farm. Resistance can develop to any anthelmintic. It is advisable that a drench resistance test be conducted regularly when using any antiparasitic treatment.

Directions for Use

By law the user must take due care, obtaining expert advice when necessary, to avoid unnecessary pain and distress when using the product other than as directed on the label.


  • Dose one capsule to sheep between 40 kg and 80 kg liveweight
  • Sheep should be weighed if liveweight is uncertain (weight of fleece may be deducted to calculate target liveweight)
  • Do not under-dose
  • For dosing, fit the flat end of the capsule into the cup on the BIONIC PLUS applicator
  • Keep the capsule clear of the teeth. Damaged capsules will not function correctly
  • Do not remove the tape from the capsule and ensure the gun is in good working condition
  • After releasing the capsule and during removal of the applicator from the mouth delay the tip of the applicator in the mouth to encourage swallowing. This will aid transport of the capsule to the rumen
  • If using a sheep handling system, which prevents straddling the neck (e.g. conveyor), the dosing technique must be modified for safe dosing. Contact your veterinarian for specific advice


You must have complete control of the animal at all times, especially of its head and neck. Straddle the animal’s neck while dosing. To do this, keep its head against your knees or thighs as in a head bail. Do not rush the dosing process, take time and care when administering capsules.



The angle of the head and neck must be straightened so the applicator in the mouth lines up with the throat. Obtain the correct angle by lifting every animal’s chin and extending its neck (by allowing it to pull back against your thighs). Keep complete control of the head and neck while dosing (see illustration 2 below).

WARNING: With an incorrect angle or undue force, the operator can puncture the back of the throat causing death.



While holding the animal’s lower jaw, insert the capsule into the side of the mouth and onto the tongue avoiding contact with the teeth. The animal will start swallowing; swallowing must continue throughout the dosing process, and will cease if the head and neck are at the wrong angle, or if your dosing technique is incorrect.

WARNING: Slight resistance may be felt if the animal uses its tongue to block the capsule at the back of the mouth. Withdraw the capsule to restart swallowing. Allow the swallowing reflex to draw the capsule and applicator over the tongue and into the back of the throat. Keep the sheep’s chin up. Don’t use force as you may damage the throat causing fatal infection. Once the hilt of the applicator is at the corner of the mouth gently release the capsule. Observe the animal for a moment to ensure the capsule has been swallowed.

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