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Eprinex® Pour-On for cattle and deer should be the pour-on used to treat adult dairy cattle for these important reasons:


Eprinex® contains eprinomectin - the most potent active ingredient identified to date to kill gastrointestinal parasites in cattle1.

  • Eprinex® is the ONLY product with a scientific trial, conducted independently by veterinarians at Massey University (2017), to show a significant increase in milk solids following treatment3.
  • Milk solids will increase on average by 0.03 kg/cow/day following an Eprinex® treatment2,3, compared to no treatment. That’s 8.22 kg MS/cow/lactation (days in milk - 274 days). Cydectin® only claims an increase of 4.26 kg MS/cow/lactation6.
  • 8.22 kg MS/cow/lactation is $57.54 extra at a $7.50 payout (less cost of treatment).
  • Only Eprinex® has been shown in scientific studies to improve reproductive performance4,5.
  • A study showed that treating with Eprinex® at calving reduced calving to conception in heifers by 12.9 days. There was a 52% increase in pregnancy rate at first insemination in heifers and 16.6% increase in adult cows, which equates to a 19.9% increase in pregnancy rate overall4.
  • Eprinex® should be your first choice for food safety (making milk powder for babies) because it was specifically developed to partition from getting into cows’ milk. This has led to a nil milk withhold all around the world.

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