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Product Description

Iver MATRIX® Mini-Dose Hi-Mineral is for the treatment and control of internal parasites in cattle and sheep, including those with single or dual resistance to any of the three major drench families. Triple combinations have also been shown to significantly slow the development of drench resistance. Iver MATRIX® was designed with safety in mind - using ivermectin due to its high safety profile in young animals.


2 g/L ivermectin, 80 g/L levamisole HCl, 45.4 g/L oxfendazole, 1 g/L selenium and 4.4 g/L cobalt.

Ivermectin is a member of the macrocyclic lactone family. It is effective against internal parasites sensitive to this active. Levamisole HCl is a member of the imidazothiazole class of anthelmintics with efficacy against internal parasites sensitive to this family, including lungworm. Oxfendazole is a member of the benzimidazoles, effective against internal parasites sensitive to this family.

Treatment and Control

For the effective treatment and control of mature and immature gastrointestinal parasites and lungworm with anthelminitic resistant strains. See label for more information.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: 14 days (sheep and cattle)     |     MILK: 35 days (sheep and cattle)

Pack Size

Available in 5 L packs

Dosage Guide – Cattle

1 mL/10 kg body weight delivers 0.2 mg/kg ivermectin, 8 mg/kg levamisole HCl, 4.5 mg/kg oxfendazole, 0.1 mg/kg selenium and 0.44 mg/kg cobalt.


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