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Product Description

MATRIX® Hi-Mineral is the ultimate three-way drench with unsurpassed efficacy against mixed infections of gastrointestinal parasites, including those with single or dual resistance to any of the three major drench families. Triple combinations have also been shown to significantly slow the development of drench resistance.


1 g/L abamectin, 40 g/L levamisole HCI, 22.7 g/L oxfendazole, 0.5 g/L selenium and 2.2 g/L cobalt.

Efficacy and triple combinations

Triple combination products contain three anthelmintics with a similar spectrum of activity and different mechanisms of action. There are two main justifications for the use of such combinations: (1) to enable the effective control of nematodes in the presence of single or multiple drug resistance, and (2) to slow the development of resistance to the individual component anthelmintic classes. If co-administered actives have independent modes of action and mechanisms of resistance, worms that survive one treatment will be killed by the other. This means that combinations achieve higher efficacy against resistant parasite populations than do any of the individual component anthelmintics used alone, and fewer resistant parasites survive treatment. In order for this to be effective, we must ensure that there are adequate numbers of sensitive parasites in refugia in order to dilute the resistant genes.

Dosage Guide ― Sheep

For sheep over 75 kg bw dose at 1 mL/5 kg. 1 mL/5 kg body weight delivering 0.2 mg/kg abamectin, 8 mg/kg levamisole HCI, 4.5 mg/kg oxfendazole, 0.1 mg/kg selenium and 0.44 mg/kg cobalt.

MATRIX® - The trusted triple since 2005

A triple combination product is a convenient way of drenching with 3 different actives without having to drench 3 separate times. The effectiveness of the triple drench should be equal to the effectiveness of the 3 separate actives drenched separately. When MATRIX® Hi-Mineral was registered in NZ in 2005, the regulator was provided with studies that showed all 3 of the main actives were individually safe and effective when combined in the product. Which is what you would expect with registration of the pioneer triple active sheep drench in NZ. MATRIX® Hi-Mineral and the MATRIX® family of products remain the most popular triple active mineralised oral drenches for sheep in the NZ market today.

MATRIX® Hi-Mineral, MATRIX® Mini-Dose Hi-Mineral, Iver MATRIX® Mini-Dose Hi-Mineral, Iver MATRIX® Tape Hi-Mineral and MATRIX® Tape Hi-Mineral represent the MATRIX® Sheep family made here in New Zealand for New Zealand sheep farmers.

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